Current Books: Hard Laughter by Anne Lamott.  Honestly as much as I love Anne Lamott, I’m not super into it…  This is one of her first publications so it’s a bit rough around the edges (as I know my writing is… I’m not criticizing, just comparing with her other works) but since I am die-hard committed to finishing a book when I start it, I am… fingers crossed the climax comes sooner rather than later.

Current Playlist: Since the David Gray concert that is all I seem to be playing, over and over again (a later blog about that night to come soon)…  In the meantime, I will put up with Jon and his eye rolling berating!

Current Guilty Pleasure: A recent shopping trip to Whole Foods has made me want to go again.  Can’t wait for Saturday!

Current Color: Wearing a lot of gray lately, kind of melancholy mood, it must be the sky turning dark purple at 4 o’clock that makes me feel this way…

Current Drink: Good Earth Organic Sweet & Spicy Tea

Current Food: Butternut Squash with Rosemary…  I make one or two every week this time of year

Current Favorite Show: ANTM, Major no brainer guilty pleasure show… Season finale on this evening

Current Wishlist: A new snow coat and pants to wear to Colorado next month

Current Needs: Clean out my desk that is hiding all my bills which really ought to be sorted by now.

Current Triumphs:  Going to the gym this week.  I really miss making this part of my weekly life.  Ugh, Hate restarting routines! 

Current Bane Of My Existence: Finances, what else is new, same Gina, different day!

Current Celebrity Crush: Um,  contrary to the girls at works opinions, I must say Robert Pattinson.  I know, I know, I’ve had my period well over ten years, really Gina, how hip do you really think you need to be?!? 

Current Indulgence:  Lorina Sparkling French Berry Lemonade.

Current Blessing: All the fun events that are just around the corner!

Current Slang: Um, hoping for some “Bling” this holiday?

Current Outfit: VS stretchy yoga pants and a sweatshirt

Current Excitement: Thanksgiving and spending time with family!

Current Mood: melancholy.

Current Link: sad to say, but probably my own personal GoogleReader lately!


Watch the attached video and you’ll see what I mean….  Geez, I feel bad for this little boy and his six-pack!  The greatest insult of the video is when all his siblings are dancing to R&B music in the background while he is busy burning off his 1.2% body fat!

Talk about a lean, mean, Lego-playing, tricycle riding, bodybuilding machine!  This kid is going to grow up with some MAJOR daddy issues, listen to the Romanian counting and you’ll see what I mean…


Last night after dinner, Jon was plugging away on paperwork at the kitchen table and I was watching David Gray music videos online.  I decided to check out David Grays website out of curiosity and boredom.  I clicked on the tab stating TOURS and discovered that he will be playing in San Francisco in 2 weeks!  I immediately had a FREAK OUT!  It has been on my WISH LIST to see him live in concert for the last ±7 years.  I am a HUGE fan!!!!

For those who may be unfamiliar with David Gray’s music he has a Bob Dylan-esque voice that is raspy, soulful, deep and tranquilizing!  Since I have an attraction to all things melancholy, he is my Favorite Artist Of All Time!  To say he is just talented is a belittlement; he is a song writer, composer, instrumental musician, and has a voice that could make Antarctica melt.  His lyrics paint beautifully descriptive pictures of true raw emotions.  So many times I have replayed a certain song over and over simply because it felt applicable to a situation going on in my own life. Does anyone else do this?

Clicking on Ticketmaster I discovered they were sold out, therefore I had to go to other websites, like StubHub, in order to procure tickets for the event.  Of course there is a huge markup fee, but hey, it’s DAVID GRAY and the last time he’s toured in the States (he is from England) was over 4 years ago!  Since I am a poor girl who lives paycheck to paycheck, I did everything short of getting on my knees and begging Jon to treat me to this concert.  I meant every word too — NO more dinners out, NO more movies out, THIS would be my Christmas present and then some….

Needless to say, because he loves me and I have the sweetest guy in world; it didn’t take much for him to see how passionately I wanted to go!  We then called up my bestie fellow David Gray fan Seychelle to let her know “the news”.  After I told her, she screamed into the phone: “SHUT IT!”.  She turned on the charms with her guy and convinced him to treat her to the concert also.  It works out perfectly as the concert falls just 2 days after her birthday.  That being said, the four of us will be sitting together November 8th at 8pm watching the Greatest Musical Artist EVER (my opinion of course, art is subjective)!

On another note:  My birthday falls on 8/8/80, my favorite number is #8, and the concert falls on Nov. 8th @ 8pm.  I am not superstitious, however still feel the need to mention this!

To say I am thrilled is an understatement!  I had the hardest time falling asleep last night and can’t remember the last time I have gotten this excited about something!  I feel like a kid in a candy store!  I have a concern that the night of the concert I will shed a few tears out of sheer happiness and adoration…

After thanking Jon about 15,000 times last night, I told him “This will be one of the BEST nights of my life!”, and I meant it.  It really will be.

View a live performance by David Gray of the hit song Babylon.

Harvest fun

I love Saturdays that are pleasant with my daughter.  I phrase it like this because she is 4 years old and Saturdays are not always pleasant.  Today however was quiet enjoyable!  Last night we baked amazing cookies so this morning we were in the fall mood! 

The day started with Claudia wanting to send a present to her friend Lesleigh.  She is learning how to write, so I encouraged her to handwrite Lesleigh a note that would be sent along with her gift.  We received personal stationary a few months ago from a friend who owns her own stationary company.  They are ADORABLY made, VERY reasonably priced AND you can personalize however you want!  Certainly worth checking out, they would make a terrific stocking stuffer! 

After we dropped the gift off at the post office we headed out to a local coffee shop and plant nursery in the area called The Flower Farm.  During this time of year they give free hay rides throughout their pumpkin patch, along the trail they have cute little stations and scarecrow type characters set up for the kids to enjoy.  This weekend, they had a craft event, booths with awesome smelling soaps, beautiful necklaces and amazing little trinkets.  With our coffee and hot cocoa in hand, we perused and admired all the stations and vendors.  After mommy said, “No” about 10 times we headed over to the pumpkin patch to pick out Claudia’s very own personal pumpkin!  Claudia took 20+ minutes carefully inspecting each one looking for the “perfect one”.  She found it!  A medium-sized, perfectly round YELLOW pumpkin.  She explained she liked that it was different then all of the orange ones….

We headed into the nursery to pay for our new and very festive YELLOW pumpkin when the clerk looked at it and said, “Um, I’ll sell this one to you for a buck.”

Nice!  Way to go, Claudia!!!  Thanks for being considerate of mommy’s budget, maybe I shouldn’t have told you “No” so many times!  Needless to say, I paid and with a very happy daughter (and mother) we left!  Attached are some pictures of the day, I forgot to take one of Claudia with her YELLOW pumpkin.  However, on the way home she informed me she did NOT want to cut and carve into the pumpkin.  Okay by me, carving is a real mess.  As I said, very pleasant Saturday!

Dora should have had the Yellow pumpkin face...

Dora should have had the Yellow pumpkin face...


Where the Wild Things Are... this one's for you Amy!

Where the Wild Things Are... this one's for you Amy!

2009 photos 153
2009 photos 156
Creepy Crawly Spiders!

Creepy Crawly Spiders!



One of my favorite things to do with my daughter is to bake together!  I enjoy doing this for a few reasons.  First, it’s fun.  Second, it’s pretty inexpensive and doesn’t involve video games!  Lastly, I worry cooking/baking could become a lost art with so many convenient options in the market for us to grab and throw in our microwaves.  I want Claudia to have fond memories of standing in the kitchen and creating something out of different ingredients, then devouring it with absolute satisfaction knowing full well what is IN the item she is eating. 

However, at times it can be hard to find a recipe that we can make together. She is a bit of a control freak for a four-year old, who insists on pouring, and stirring, and cracking each egg; creating the batter and sometimes, a major mess.  That is why, when I came across this recipe I couldn’t wait to make it with her…  It is the simplest, yet tastiest fall treat and definitely worth the calories! 

See the below pictures of our eventful Friday evening, Julie & Julia moment…

Control Freak Claudia, mixing the batter

Control Freak Claudia, mixing the batter

The batter, see her fairy wand next to the mixing bowl!

The batter, see her fairy wand next to the mixing bowl!

Then she put on my apron, "The hot air from the oven won't get me then"

Then she put on my apron, "The hot air from the oven won't get me then"

Ready to glob onto the cookie sheet

Ready to glob onto the cookie sheet



I am such a girl.  I have a weakness for adorable girlie things.  That is a huge reason why Etsy is on my top list of websites to visit often to look, dream, want, but hardly ever purchase.  I would KISS the botanist that created a tree where $$ grew on it!

While reading a blog I stumbled upon this amazing site RagandBoneBindery and I feel IN LOVE.  Not only are the albums adorable but they are all handmade and have meticulous binding, something that is very important to keep an album or a book in tact over the years.

This cover choice is my personal FAV!

Pale Pink and Lime Green Poppies!

Pale Pink and Lime Green Poppies

I don’t have any reason to purchase from this site right now but my girlfriend does…  as she is getting married in just 3 1/2 short months.  Perhaps a guest book for the future wife?  I just emailed her the link to entice her!  That being said, if you have a pending wedding, a baby on the way, or want to purchase a very personal Christmas gift you should check out this site!  You won’t regret it, plus it’s a beautiful way to package your memories.

This is my wonderful daughter!  She brings light into my life and joy into my heart!


She is:

funny, but reserved
intelligent, but naive (rightfully so)
considerate, but can be bratty
absolutely lovely, but sometimes stinky
kind-hearted, but selfish at times (aren’t we all)
4 1/2 on her way to 5 years old
scientific and inquisitive
beautiful and sweet
lovely and makes my life complete!

It is both the greatest joy and at times a small challenge to be her mother.  But I’m so grateful!  Each and everyday, I thank God for the wonder of her life and all the things I can learn from a human being that is so small.  I look into her eyes and see wisdom and depth, but absolute trust.  I am doing my best, and I hope she sees that when she looks back at me.